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Add a Google Map 2

Postby BoardAdmin » Tue Sep 10, 2013 12:37 pm

How to add a Google Map 2

This BBCode is to show a Google Map within your post and it is easier to use, than the googlemap Code. But you can use it only, if you know the Coordinates of the location.

Just click on the "gmap" button and put in the coordinates as shown below:
Code: Select all
[gmap]9.251056, 124.671966[/gmap]

How to get the coordinates from Google Maps

Go to Google Maps and search for the place.
If you have found the position, right click with the mouse at the exact position and click on "What's here"

When you have done this, Google Maps shows a green arrow on this position. When you click on this green arrow you can copy the exact coordinates, what you have to put in the "gmap" Code:

Code: Select all
[gmap]9.251056, 124.671966[/gmap]

When you have done this, the BBCode automatic shows the Google Map like this:

View Larger Map

If you need any help just send me a PM, I can place the code for you.

Enjoy this new feature!
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